Family Tree Constellations

MAYADARI DEL SOL is a Therapist on Familiy and Systemic Constellations and the Founder of a program of transformational experiences called Healing Alchemy Formula. I invite you to watch this video about her life and how the roots of her ancestral past used to affect her relationships. Turn on the captions in English.

Our wounds

Our fears

Our family secrets

Our challenging experiences speak to us. Have you ask yourself what do they want to tell you?  Do you know what you chose to heal in your family system that you attract those challenging experiences? 

The missing piece in the puzzle was to heal my soul…

In my life, the memories of abandonment and betrayal were present in different ways. I lived experiences that I couldn’t understand why they happened to me. I used to think that they were simply bad luck. I repeated the story many times but with different characters. And I still didn’t see what they wanted to show me until I went through a breaking experience that made me collapsed when I found myself feeling lonely and abandoned during my pregnancy. 

The commotion of this moment caused a big impact in my life not only at the emotional and mental level but also the physical. This was one of my turning points in my journey.

To regain myself, I understood that I needed to heal my body, my mind but most
relevantly, my soul. I also understood that I needed to find the roots that were originating these suffering experiences in my life.

Then, I decided to begin my journey by cultivating each, body, mind, and spirit. I became an apprentice, practitioner and then facilitator of practices such as meditation, Qigong, Taichi, energy healing, and Shamanism. I devoted myself for several years to teach self-consciousness and holistic wellness. I also got certified as a Massage Therapist, a Health coach, and a Life coach.

So far, I had covered the fields of body, mind, and energy. I felt physically balanced, positive about life and energetically strengthened. But I lacked what today I consider the most important piece of the puzzle, the soul.

The soul that does not understands, only feels. Then, I found that the soul needs an experience of recognition, acceptance, integration, or surrendering to change. I found that we need to fulfill the empty gaps that our childhood wounds left, and to liberate the ancestral roots that we carry to produce a change in a deep level, cellular, energetic, emotional, and mental level. We need to change our DNA through Love.

Then, I found Family Constellations, a tool that transformed my life in a simple, loving, and effective way. Throughout Constellations I could recognized the roots that needed to be liberated to access the reality I wanted to experience related to my physical, emotional, personal, professional, and spiritual life. Finding and healing the roots of the unresolved memories of my ancestors was the key that untangled and opened the doors to the materialization of my visions.

Today I feel free, confident, and secure to move forward towards my destiny. And I want others to enjoy that feeling too. That is why I became a certified Therapist on Family and Systemic constellations. I developed an online program to facilitate others the transformation of those limiting roots of the past that affect their present and what they want to manifest using these powerful and effective tools.

Ready to feel that change?

“My mission is to touch each soul in the world that feels called to transcend his or her ancestral roots. As one heals, we all heal. I see this becoming a loving possibility of conscious change for the world. Our collective liberation depends on the individual liberation”.

I belong to an ancestral lineage through which I was brought here. I Honor that. My ancestors are integrated within my heart. In gratitude, I liberated myself to do it differently so my transformation is for all and thus I could help the continuity of life through my descendants, the fulfillment of my dreams and the expansion of my true purpose .


Thank you Grandparents


Thank you Mother


Thank you Father


Thank you Son