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MAYADARI DEL SOL is a Therapist on Familiy and Systemic Constellations and the Founder of a program of transformational experiences called Healing Alchemy Formula.

Our Ancestors

Our Inner Child

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Some experiences in our life are impacting and cause us challenge. These are moments of catharsis that
are necessary for the change that we are seeking. Usually, these turning points take us in the direction
towards what we need to see and resolve. Thus, we can recreate our lives in a more harmonious way.

In my life, the memories of abandonment and betrayal were present in different ways. I lived
experiences that I did not understand why they happened to me. I used to think that they were simply bad luck. The chapters of my story repeated with different characters. I still couldn´t see what they wanted to show me. Until I went through a breaking experience that made me collapsed when I found myself in front of the abandonment during my pregnancy. 

This point of my life caused a catharsis not only at the emotional and mental level but also the physical. This was the beginning of a journey.

To retake my life I understood that I needed to heal my body, my heart, and my mind but most
relevantly my soul. I also understood that I needed to find the roots that were originating these limiting experiences in my life.

I decided to begin my journey by cultivating each, body, mind and spirit. I became an apprentice, practitioner and then facilitator of practices such as meditation, Qigong, Taichi, energy healing, and Shamanism. I devoted myself for several years to teaching consciousness for being and holistic eating.

Later on, and with the desire to serve in another level, I decided to get certified as a Massage Therapist, a Health coach, and a Life coach.

So far I had covered the fields of body, mind and energy. I felt physically balanced, positive about life and energetically strengthened. But I lacked what today I consider the most important piece of the puzzle, the soul. In my search I found that for the transformation of the soul to occur it was necessary an experience at the cellular and energetic level.

This is how I found Family Constellationsons, a tool that transformed my life in a simple, loving and effective way. Throughout Constellations I could recognized the roots that needed to be liberated to access the changes I wanted in my life related to my personal, professional and spiritual life. Finding and healing the roots of the unresolved memories of my ancestors was the key that untangled and opened the doors to the materialization of my visions.

Today I feel free, confident and secure to move forward towards life. As a certified facilitator for Family and Systemic constellations, I developed an online program to facilitate others the transformation of those limiting roots of the past that affect their present and what they want to manifest using these powerful and effective tools.

Ready to feel liberated?

Today, I found that it is possible to enjoy a functional and healthy relationship with a couple, with my son, with my family, with my body, with my thoughts and with my life.

I belong to an ancestral lineage which positioned me as a Great Granddaughter, a Granddaughter, then a Daugher, and today as a Mother. I Honor you and integrate you in my heart. I take with gratitude your love and your strength to bring continuity to life through my descendants, the fulfillment of my dreams and the expansion of my true purpose .


Thank you Grandparents


Thank you Mother


Thank you Father


Thank you Son

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