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Family Constellations

Constellation means positioning. If there were no order in the cosmos the planets and the stars would
collide creating chaos. That also happens in our family system.
The order creates harmony and balance so that everything can flow organically towards life.

What is a family constellation?

Family constellations are a solution-oriented therapy of a person's conflicts that are connected to his or her family system that limit the person's possibilities of action and personal development.

We are connected to the memories of the past. The suffering, fears, frustrations or traumas create a conflict that gets imprinted in our cellular memory that also creates a morphic field that keeps pulsing until the conflict is resolved.

Our ancestors failed to resolve their conflicts. The unresolved memories of the pass stay in our genetic code and is passed on from generation to generation until someone gets to resolved them. The morphogenetic field is timeless. The members of the clan resonate with the field of their family system and their memories. That is why the descendants repeat unconscious stories of pain, suffering and sickness.

How can the memories of the pass be resolved in a constellation?

This is done through a representation of an image that resolves the morphic field in dysfunction. It is an experience that the person lives in a present moment so it imprints a new memory at a cellular level.
This new memory creates a new resonance in the field that is read by the person´s family system. The effects liberate the ancestors as well as the descendants. 

How does the dynamic of a constellation work?

In a group session, the person who is constellating asks the other participants to represent the members of his or her family system. The resonance of the morphogenetic field shows how the person´s system is related to the conflict that he or she wants to solve. After recognition, some movements are made with the participants until all members of the family feel positioned in order and liberated.

In a one on one session, we use wood figures to represent the members of the system.


What is Positioning an Order in a Constellation?

The constellations apply 3 systemic laws: the law of belonging, the law of hierarchy and the law of
Equilibrium (inclusion, order and balance).


The law of belonging has to do with the inclusion. We all belong to the system or clan. There is a tendency to exclude those members of the clan who are disapproved in society or in the family system for their behaviors. But what is hidden or excluded is destined to come to light to belong. Therefore some of the descendants of the clan identify with them acting upon them with similar behaviors because the exclude ones want to be integrated and accepted into the system.


The law of hierarchy. We all have a position in the system. Conflict is created when the position of one of the members of the clan is replaced, or missed or when someone takes the position that does not belong to them. It is necessary to honor the positions of each one. Also, there is an order of precedence and priority between the members that should be honored and respected to create balance among the members of the system.


The law of balance: we should not give more of what we have or take more of what we need. There is an order between giving and receiving. For instance, the parents should give the children love, security and eventually the freedom to go towards life. On the other hand, the children should only feel gratitude for the life by honoring the parents. When there is a disorder with this law, it creates conflict and burdens for the one that takes too much or for the one who gives too much.

Bert Hellinger Integrated and developed this therapy based on family therapies such as the Gestalt, the Primal therapy, the Transactional therapy, the Transgenerational, some concepts of the analytical psychology of Carl Jung and Freud, the psychodrama, and the Sociology. Later, Hellinger developed the systemic laws and gave birth to what we know today as family constellations.

We came to serve and to heal the system. When we humbly put ourselves in the service of life, and decide to heal our memories of the past, we can understand the cause of our experiences, liberate them, help to transcend the ancestors and free our descendants so that life can flow naturally.

From the systemic angle, the children care about their parents. Usually the children, for love, take the burdens of the parents.

The question here is, are you assuming the responsibility for what you have to resolve or unconsciously you are leaving that so they can resolve it for you?

Our emotional issues, conflicts, fears, frustrations and illnesses are also a legacy for our children when we don't resolve them.

The best legacy for our children is the liberation of the unresolved conflicts of their ancestors

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