Family Tree Constellations

Move confidently towards the life you want to manifest!

Choose to do it differently!

Recognize and liberate the roots of conflict from your ancestors that are affecting your health, finances, and relationships.

Transform invisible loyalties, repetitive patterns, fears, and limitations related to your family system.

Fulfill yourself by integrating your past.

Heal your soul and create a new destiny!



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Online and on-site Services

I facilitate Constellations in two languages English and Spanish.

Our Speaker this Sunday 12/26/21 will be MAYADARI DEL SOL. Mayadari is a Family Constellations Therapist and Coach. She is also the Founder of Systemic Healing Institute, a training program on Family & Systemic Constellations. Most of her work is dedicated to healing ancestral past, repetitive patterns and unconscious memories.She is dedicated to helping people through her individual and group sessions, and through her programs, online and on-site.She will be talking about her new book "Alchemy for the Soul". Mayadari will have books for sale at the service. ... See MoreSee Less
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To Create and Manifest a goal, a vision, or a dream takes a step beyond imagination. It needs the experience of feeling IT. Live and feel the manifestation of what you want to experience in your life in "Your Vision Is Already Happening."In this workshop we will experience:1. Map of Dreams and Visions of 12 areas of your life.2. Create, Create and Trust. Meditation from the conscious attention. 3. Act of Empowerment. Register! ... See MoreSee Less
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It is possible to be Happy !

With a Functional Partner

Fulfilling your Dreams

Creating a Healthy relationship with your Body

Developing a better Foundation with your Finances

Maintaining Healthy Relationships

Materializing your Visions

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