Family Tree Constellations

Move confidently towards the life you want to manifest!

Choose to do it differently!

Recognize and liberate the roots of conflict from your ancestors that are affecting your health, finances, and relationships.

Transform invisible loyalties, repetitive patterns, fears, and limitations related to your family system.

Fulfill yourself by integrating your past.

Heal your soul and create a new destiny!


Serving the individual and the system of life

Ready to create a different reality in your life? 

Our services are offered in two languages, English and Spanish. Click on the following links to schedule an appoinment or for more information about our training program with certification on Family Constellations. 

Family Constellations offers you a possibility to identify and transcend the root of a conflict that is connected to your family system or ancestors, that affects your life in aspects such as your relationships, health, or abundance, and that you haven’t been able to solve.


In Family Constellations, you can tap and transcend those deep feelings that cause you pain and suffering. You can address issues such as sadness, anger, or resentment that at the same time cause your body stress, anxiety, or depression. Also, Family Constellations can help you transcend fear, trauma, or limiting beliefs, as well as issues with success, abundance, and health. 


When you choose to constellate, you give yourself a blessing to change your present and what you want to manifest in your reality. You plant the seeds internally by changing your perspective about the issue in a more compassionate, conscious, and loving way and these seeds will show and bloom in the physical in a healthier and more harmonious way. 

What happens in a Family Constellations individual session?

  • You bring a topic to the table, whether it is a relationship, a physical condition, or any issue that is affecting your life at this moment and that you feel ready to see and transform.
  • The therapists will make a short interview about the issue and will ask you about the memories of your childhood and family system.
  • Then, the therapist will use wood figures that would represent the members of your family system or some energies and you will position them on “The Morphogenetic Field”. This movement will help us identify your connection with the issue and how you are connected to the unresolved memories of your family system.
  • After this step, the therapist will guide you through the actual experience of reconciliation, liberation, integration, inclusion, and transcendence. This step is to create systemic order, in the family system and within you, within your soul. 
  • At the end, most people who go through the experience express feeling peace and understanding.   

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Do you want an easy way to understand how it is that you are connected to your ancestors, how their unresolved memories can affect your present and what you want to manifest, and how to transcend them?

“Alchemy for the Soul” is more than a reading, this book is a healing experience to transcend the suffering of our past and that of our ancestors.

Throughout these seven-step journey, and by doing the systemic exercises that appear there, you will get to identify and liberate the unresolved memories of your family system that affect your relationships, health, and abundance.

You can recreate a different destiny for yourself, for the ones that were before you, and the ones that are to come.

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